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Back To School with RBC Rewards

Thursday, 24 August 2017 by


Back to school is around the corner! Every summer when the Ex opens its gates the Special Kayes and I know there are only 2 weeks until they are back in their classroom. My eldest and I have been shopping online for her back to school gear and this year we decided to use our RBC Rewards points to pick out some fun accessories. For our family it’s all about the backpack! With 3 little girls they all want their own individualized style and there are so many backpacks to choose from. From great brands like Herschel to fun character backpacks there is something for everyone. My middle Special Kaye is loving the Crayola imagination set you can get with RBC Rewards points. It comes in a little briefcase and she told me she can hide it from her other sisters ha ha! My youngest Special Kaye is learning to tell time and she pointed out the Teach me Time alarm clock. It’s great it also teaches kids when it’s time to get out of bed.

There are so many more choices for Back to School, and when your kids get older they want to have their say. What I love about RBC Rewards is that the family can go online and scroll to find something that fits their style. I also stock up on gift cards with my points. I give them to teachers, as birthday gifts and sometimes I just gift myself!

If you’re looking to update your computers there are a ton of Apple products as well to choose from with your points. My husband and I picked out a laptop for the girls to share but shhh don’t tell them we are surprising them the first week of school. It will be kept in our kitchen where we do our homework. If someone needs to research something for school they’ll be able to pull it out and use it quickly. Ok and I might have been a bit selfish! During the day, YOU know I’m going to be online on the laptop clearly researching some delicious recipes for dinner or maybe just creeping my friends on Facebook! Like you don’t scroll? Speaking of Facebook. My good Friend Sarah Bartok and I did a Facebook Live talking about some of my Mom Hacks and some of the Back to School gear you can get from RBC Rewards. The link is below.  Add to the Mom Hacks. We’re gonna need them soon!

Thank you to RBC rewards for sponsoring this post.

Back To School Mom Hacks

Monday, 21 August 2017 by

This week on the Moms Night Out podcast we are talking about  Back To School Mom hacks! Share yours in the comments below or you can tweet Tina an I with your hacks! Thank you to RBC for sponsoring this post and podcast


Back To School Giveaway!

Wednesday, 16 August 2017 by

Wednesday August 16th join me live on Facebook for a Back to School Giveaway. We will be talking about Mom Hacks and some of the fun gear you get your kids for back to school.  Follow the link here 





Yes we did it! We made it to the first week of summer! Most of my closet consists of dark colours. Black, Navy, Royal Blue and if I’m adventurous I’ll wear emerald green or red! My #SpecialKayes have asked me to add more colour into my closet so I thought I would go on a mini shopping spree. They didn’t say it had to be clothes so when I went into Aldo at Erin Mill Town Centre I found these fabulous shoes. These colours and pattern scream summer right. Plus, I can get away with my all black wardrobe!  They had a matching purse I may go back for. OH and I asked you on Facebook to pick which ones I got AND the winner is…..




I don’t know about you but when I go shopping I have a plan! Write it down or your spending could get out of control! Hey we’ve all been there right! While I was shopping for myself my plan kinda went sideways ha ha! I saw my favorite 4 letter word SALE!  Children’s Place had a huge Back To School sale on. I know what you’re saying. “Taylor are you seriously shopping for back to school? School’s not even out yet!” Yup I do most of my back to school shopping before July. I’ll pick up a few things throughout the summer so I’m not  overwhelmed. The sales were amazing so how could I say no.



One thing that is a must when I’m shopping is I gotta eat! I like to snack while I’m out and about. Erin Mills just renovated their food court. OMG I could hang out there for days.  The sun was beaming through the glass windows and they have a gorgeous patio as well where you can hang out. I sat for a little while to answer some emails. Look at this view! You can see the centre of Mississauga.



Now what I want you to do is look in your closet! You need a mini shopping spree right? Well, I’ve partnered with Erin Mills Town Centre and I have a $100 dollar gift card to give away. You can enter below! Good luck and happy shopping!




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