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Hey there,

i'm Taylor

Taylor Kaye is a Radio and TV personality. She has appeared in Canada, the US and around the world. Taylor also supplies voice-overs to advertising agencies, video production companies, radio stations, movie studios, TV networks, non-profit organizations, and individual clients. Taylor Kaye combines professional production (with available ISDN studio), creativity and fast turnaround.

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Hamming it up on Meal Prep Mondays is Kin-da Easy!

Do you ever wish you had more hands to get meals prepped? Well, if you put the kids to work, you sure do! Balancing life as a mom of three and a busy career doesn’t mean I forfeit nutrition or great taste for easy meals. Just the opposite! Here are three easy Meal Prep Monday tips using simple ... READ the POST

What is the DRIVE APP?

What is the Drive app?  You can keep your insurance info online on your app. You can find out how much your car is worth and you can even find out if you have any warranty recalls! Yup all in one app.  I found out about a recall from 2016! Wow! I'm going to be live at the Canadian International ... READ the POST

Tide Pod Challenge

Ok have you heard of the Tide Pod Challenge? If you haven't where have you been!? More and more "content" creators or "vloggers"  are trying to get there videos to go viral. Taylor and Tina are creators and vloggers and this is not the way to get noticed. People are getting sick and Youtube and ... READ the POST

WIN a Grammy Gift Bag!

Want to know the 411 on last night's show! The Grammy's were last night and Bruno Mars took away a truck load of awards. Brampton's Alessia Cara  won best new artist and was the only female to accept an award on the live broadcast last night.  What else happened in the show! For the celebs who ... READ the POST

What is OHIP Plus?

OHIP PLUS is new to Ontario. It launched on January 1st, 2018. Over four million children will have access to over 4400 drugs products at no cost. This week Tina is away and filling in is Maureen Dennis mother of 4. Listen to find out more about OHIP Plus and how you can use it with your family. ... READ the POST