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Hey there,

i'm Taylor

Taylor Kaye is a Radio and TV personality. She has appeared in Canada, the US and around the world. Taylor also supplies voice-overs to advertising agencies, video production companies, radio stations, movie studios, TV networks, non-profit organizations, and individual clients. Taylor Kaye combines professional production (with available ISDN studio), creativity and fast turnaround.

What's New on the Blog

Day 13 of the Taylor Kaye Giveaway from Starbucks

  It's Day 13 of the Taylor Kaye Giveaway! Today is Starbucks day. Watch the video below to find out what you can win! Plus, did you know it's National Hot Cocoa day! Starbucks has so many amazing flavours of hot chocolate. Toffee Almond, Snickerdoodle and my fave Peppermint hot cocoa with ... READ the POST

Day 12 of Taylor Kaye’s Giveaway from Swarovski

    Today is Day 12 of the Taylor Kaye Giveaway and we are giving away a necklace, bracelet and earrings from Swarovski! Also, if you have time check out what Swarovski  is doing in the @GreatestShowman. The world premiere was last night. Stars from the film joined glamorous guests ... READ the POST

Day 11 of The Taylor Kaye Giveaway from Rowenta

Today is Rowenta day! We are giving away the precision valet, first class travel iron, the eco iron, the x-cel steam and the soleplate cleaning kit. Rowenta has been in business for over 100 years and they know their stuff when it comes to keeping your clothes crisp and clean.  For me I'm a fan of ... READ the POST