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Hey there,

i'm Taylor

Taylor Kaye is a Radio and TV personality. She has appeared in Canada, the US and around the world. Taylor also supplies voice-overs to advertising agencies, video production companies, radio stations, movie studios, TV networks, non-profit organizations, and individual clients. Taylor Kaye combines professional production (with available ISDN studio), creativity and fast turnaround.

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NOPE I can’t do #konmari method

Dear Marie Kondo. I think you're fabulous. I think your show is interesting and your book is a fun read. HOWEVER, I just can't spark joy with my Special Kayes.  Watch the video below! AND if you ever want to come to my place and spark joy, let's do it up. Maybe there is trick with my kids and you ... READ the POST

LIVE FROM Punta Cana

OMG I went on a vacay without kids! HOW the heck did that happen? Well, my good friend Maureen on the right of the picture called me up to go on a press trip.  The trip was to the newly renovated Melia Punta Cana Beach Resort. How could I not say YES! I will be honest it was tough being away from my ... READ the POST

Have you tried Canadian made Joyya Ultrafiltered Milk?

Over the holidays, it’s tough to keep my family eating healthy, and we all know, healthy eating is the cornerstone of happy holidays. No one wants to be sick during the “most wonderful time of the year!” I serve my family Joyya ultra-filtered milk with no artificial flavors and colours, and 75 % ... READ the POST

Day 12 of the Taylor Kaye Giveaway for your FUREVER friend!

Today's Facebook live is brought to you by Crumps Naturals. I was introduced to Crumps at an event and the team gifted me some treats for Jessie and Jeff. THEY loved them. I love the Crumps story and how they began.  We love featuring amazing Canadian companies and we hope you watch the full ... READ the POST