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Back to school is around the corner! Every summer when the Ex opens its gates the Special Kayes and I know there are only 2 weeks until they are back in their classroom. My eldest and I have been shopping online for her back to school gear and this year we decided to use our RBC Rewards points to pick out some fun accessories. For our family it’s all about the backpack! With 3 little girls they all want their own individualized style and there are so many backpacks to choose from. From great brands like Herschel to fun character backpacks there is something for everyone. My middle Special Kaye is loving the Crayola imagination set you can get with RBC Rewards points. It comes in a little briefcase and she told me she can hide it from her other sisters ha ha! My youngest Special Kaye is learning to tell time and she pointed out the Teach me Time alarm clock. It’s great it also teaches kids when it’s time to get out of bed.

There are so many more choices for Back to School, and when your kids get older they want to have their say. What I love about RBC Rewards is that the family can go online and scroll to find something that fits their style. I also stock up on gift cards with my points. I give them to teachers, as birthday gifts and sometimes I just gift myself!

If you’re looking to update your computers there are a ton of Apple products as well to choose from with your points. My husband and I picked out a laptop for the girls to share but shhh don’t tell them we are surprising them the first week of school. It will be kept in our kitchen where we do our homework. If someone needs to research something for school they’ll be able to pull it out and use it quickly. Ok and I might have been a bit selfish! During the day, YOU know I’m going to be online on the laptop clearly researching some delicious recipes for dinner or maybe just creeping my friends on Facebook! Like you don’t scroll? Speaking of Facebook. My good Friend Sarah Bartok and I did a Facebook Live talking about some of my Mom Hacks and some of the Back to School gear you can get from RBC Rewards. The link is below.  Add to the Mom Hacks. We’re gonna need them soon!

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Back To School Mom Hacks

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This week on the Moms Night Out podcast we are talking about  Back To School Mom hacks! Share yours in the comments below or you can tweet Tina an I with your hacks! Thank you to RBC for sponsoring this post and podcast


How do you recharge and renew yourself?

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How do you do it all!? That really is the question that mother’s get the most!  My answer is that “It can all be done, just maybe not at the same time.” With age I’ve realized I need to take time for myself. Yes the kids are important, my husband is important and the house needs to be cleaned, the dishes washed and work requires a lot of my time, whether I am shooting a commercial or preparing a FB live. But it’s OK to take care of you and just have some down time. How do you recharge and renew yourself? Would love with you to share with me. I was so lucky to share my philosophy with the team at Marcelle Cosmetics. Thank you for the partnership.




Summer snacking with the kids!

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What are you go to summer snacks for kids? I would love for you to share them with me! Today it’s official school is out but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to pack the kids lunches anymore! Day Camp, weekend activities, soccer, baseball, dance. I could go on.  It’s tough finding the right thing to snack on. My kids love granola bars and healthy snack bars. However, have you ever read the packaging on the bar to see how much sugar is in them!? I try to!  Recently, I did a Facebook live with Dietician  Amanda Lapidus about healthy snacks for kids. She gave some great options. The video s below. I loved the smoothie bowl idea for the summer. My kids love making their own food and their own mess! One of the products that Amanda mentioned was Kind Bars. I’ve seen them at Loblaws, Costco and when I’m running late at Starbucks it’s my go to! A Soy chai latte and Kind Bar to go please and I’m a happy camper. They are delicious and you can recognize the ingredients on the packaging! Kind Snacks recently did a sugar survey and Amanda Lapidus shared the survey with me. It’s below. See if any of these stats are true for you!



Canadians are concerned about eating too much sugar and they’re trying to take steps to understand sugar amounts in the foods they are eating

  • According to a survey conducted by KIND and Leger, 77% of Canadian women say sugar is a “very” or “somewhat” important consideration in choosing a snack for themselves and 89% say it’s “very” or “somewhat” important for choosing a snack for their kids.
  • 64% of women strive to choose snacks that contain between 0 and 10 grams of sugar for themselves and 72% strive for this amount when choosing snacks for their kids.
  • Women estimate that one-third of the sugar in their diets comes from fruit and vegetable sources. 2. “There is a lot of confusion over what a healthy amount of sugar looks like in people’s diets.”
  • Canadians underestimate the amount of sugar they are consuming from “other” products such as snacks and beverages by 15 per cent.
  • One in four Canadian adult women don’t know how much sugar is an appropriate amount in a snack for themselves; one in five women don’t know how much sugar is appropriate for snacks for their kids.
  • 45 and 30 per cent of women, respectively, first look at the Nutrition Facts Table or read ingredient lists to determine how much sugar is in a prospective snack. 7% of women don’t know how to tell how much sugar is in a food.
  • 42 per cent of Canadian women don’t know what upper sugar limit to strive for each day. 3. “KIND bars can be a good snack option for moms who are looking to limit sugar in their (and their kids’) diets.” ● With 5 grams of sugar on average in KIND’s leading bars, they contain less than one quarter of the amount of sugar of competing nutrition bars and less than one fifth of the sugar in chocolate bars.
  • KIND is continuing to work tirelessly to make snacks that are both healthy and tasty – not one or the other – and have updated four flavors within their Fruit & Nut and Healthy Grains lines to contain between 17 and 36% less sugar compared to the prior recipes. Look out for these new & improved bars in retail locations in 2017!

● Many flavours of KIND contain dried fruit, meaning that some of the total sugars in a bar are naturally occurring while also providing nutrients such as fibre and iron.

Do you have nicknames for your kids? As you know I call my girls my Special Kayes! That is their nickname on social media! It’s easier then saying “little 1” “little 2” and “little 3”. Plus, my “littles” (which I’m not sure I love that name on social) are not that little anymore. I have a 10 year old now! I know I’m in shock to! I also have a 7 and 5 year old! My 10 year old is becoming more body aware. I almost cried the other day when she said “Mom I’m sorry I can’t wear this Elsa Frozen top anymore I’m too old for that!”  She’s also asking about her body and they’re discussing it in school. As I am a mom of 3 girls and a mom with a Kinesiology degree I want to make sure I can control the conversation of body awareness at home so there is no “fake news” coming from friends! We’ve already dealt with the “so and so called me fat” just last year. Plus, I have 2 out of 3 kids who wear glasses and we’ve dealt with the teasing that came along with that. Last summer I was part of a Dove campaign and I found out about their Dove Self Esteem Program. I thought this year it would be a great idea to sit down with my girls and do the activities in the program. It’s called Mindful Me.

Even when the girls were toddlers and pre schoolers I would talk to them about making someone feel wonderful today with nice words. My middle one wins the gold star with this one! All my daughters try and compliment someone daily. However, my middle Special Kaye is constantly complimenting women and men. Whether we’re at the store and she compliments someone’s glasses or their hair. She knows how special that person feels when they hear good things. I’ve explained to the girls we should also be complimenting ourselves! In the “Mindful Me” activity pack the kids and I placed pictures on how fabulous they are, we even drew pictures of our bodies and talked about mindful eating.  The package takes about 2 hours to complete. We took our time doing the activities. The first one  activity you need a pen, glue stick and scissors. Your daughter also needs a photo of herself. You cut out the photo and place in the frame in the package. Then you write how unique you are, 3 things you enjoy doing and 3 things you’re good at! Then the next time you’re daughter is frustrated or disappointed about something you both can go back and review how fantastic she is! You may do this already at your home without the Mindful Me activities but what I loved about this booklet is that we did it together and the girls talked more and it opened the conversation up! There are so many amazing things to do in the “Mindful Me” booklet. Another activity that my daughters enjoyed was writing and drawing about their “Brilliant Bodies”. What we did  was draw an outline of our body and the amazing things our body can do from our legs to our lips. Then in different colours we wrote down where on our bodies we experience feelings – like happiness, anger, fear, sadness, love and surprise. Finally, we wrote a love letter to our body. You can do a poem if you like as well! My daughters wrote a song to their bodies! These are just a few of the activities in the package.

Sometimes it’s tough getting kids to talk and maybe they just want to draw or write how they feel. There’s even a mini meditation exercise! The girls already meditate at school and have been telling me I need to do it more! My Special Kayes and I loved the power poses as well at the end of the booklet. They were giggling throughout! Here is one of their power posing pics!


We have one more activity to do. We plan on finishing it this week. Our gratitude letter! I’m also going to write one and send it to someone who has made a positive impact on my life. My mom! I’m so happy we did this together as a family. We also started doing  daily affirmations with the cute Doves below. Try it for 2 weeks! It’s simple. Print off the Doves  and cut them out. Then with your daughter write down something daily she wants to celebrate. We would do it in the morning before we went to school. My daughters would write what they wanted to celebrate doing well. Below are 2 of the Doves we wanted to share with you!  You will definitely see a difference in your daughter’s confidence!

Place the Doves somewhere where your daughter will see it throughout the day.  This is just one way you can help #InspireConfidence in your own home with your daughter, niece or granddaughter! Did you know 60% of girls worldwide feel their body confidence is holding them back? It’s been 10 years since Dove began a mission to do something about it. Here are some of the resources we used in our family. You can download them here Try the Mindful Me activities and give your daughter the printable decal daily for 2 weeks and write something to celebrate herself. You can write the first couple and maybe get your daughter to assist you. Watch her confidence grow. Dove has reached over 2 million girls with The Dove Self Esteem program. Watch some of those amazing girls’ stories below who are now women! Oh and don’t forget we would love for you to join our Twitter party @ymcbuzz on Thursday May 18th at 9pm to win prizes and talk to some about the DSEP.


This is part of the and Dove 10 years of Beautiful #InspireConfidence sponsored program. I’ve received compensation as a thank for my participation. This post reflects my personal opinion about the information provided by the sponsors.




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