Celebrate National Pet Day with Jessie, Jeff and Wally!

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Today is National Pet Day! In our house we have 3 dogs, 2 fish and the neighbor’s black cat who visits us daily for treats. Did you know that 80% of dog owners love their dogs just as much as family! ( I think my mother likes her Boston Terrier more than me now) Shhh don’t tell her I said that. Now that our family has 2 new puppies in the the house we are visiting the vet often! However, with our 3rd dog Wally who is 16 he just goes for check ups when needed. But what about the in between visits!? While it’s important to visit your vet regularly it’s also important to keep up to date on your pet’s health from home. Just like you would check your teeth, breath, hair and skin….why wouldn’t you do that with your pet?!  Where do you start though!? Well, Purina One today launched a new scoring system that allows dog owners to measure seven crucial areas of their dog’s health from the comfort of their own home. Purina’s pet nutritionist and a vet came up with the scoring system. You can download the link here to check your own pet. Earlier today  on Facebook Live I chatted with Purina’s pet nutritionist about the scoring system. You can watch below and leave a comment or question. We will be picking a winner who will receive gifts from Purina One. Good luck!




This post is sponsored by Purina One.  To find out more about their products visit here 

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