Summer snacking with the kids!

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What are you go to summer snacks for kids? I would love for you to share them with me! Today it’s official school is out but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to pack the kids lunches anymore! Day Camp, weekend activities, soccer, baseball, dance. I could go on.  It’s tough finding the right thing to snack on. My kids love granola bars and healthy snack bars. However, have you ever read the packaging on the bar to see how much sugar is in them!? I try to!  Recently, I did a Facebook live with Dietician  Amanda Lapidus about healthy snacks for kids. She gave some great options. The video s below. I loved the smoothie bowl idea for the summer. My kids love making their own food and their own mess! One of the products that Amanda mentioned was Kind Bars. I’ve seen them at Loblaws, Costco and when I’m running late at Starbucks it’s my go to! A Soy chai latte and Kind Bar to go please and I’m a happy camper. They are delicious and you can recognize the ingredients on the packaging! Kind Snacks recently did a sugar survey and Amanda Lapidus shared the survey with me. It’s below. See if any of these stats are true for you!



Canadians are concerned about eating too much sugar and they’re trying to take steps to understand sugar amounts in the foods they are eating

  • According to a survey conducted by KIND and Leger, 77% of Canadian women say sugar is a “very” or “somewhat” important consideration in choosing a snack for themselves and 89% say it’s “very” or “somewhat” important for choosing a snack for their kids.
  • 64% of women strive to choose snacks that contain between 0 and 10 grams of sugar for themselves and 72% strive for this amount when choosing snacks for their kids.
  • Women estimate that one-third of the sugar in their diets comes from fruit and vegetable sources. 2. “There is a lot of confusion over what a healthy amount of sugar looks like in people’s diets.”
  • Canadians underestimate the amount of sugar they are consuming from “other” products such as snacks and beverages by 15 per cent.
  • One in four Canadian adult women don’t know how much sugar is an appropriate amount in a snack for themselves; one in five women don’t know how much sugar is appropriate for snacks for their kids.
  • 45 and 30 per cent of women, respectively, first look at the Nutrition Facts Table or read ingredient lists to determine how much sugar is in a prospective snack. 7% of women don’t know how to tell how much sugar is in a food.
  • 42 per cent of Canadian women don’t know what upper sugar limit to strive for each day. 3. “KIND bars can be a good snack option for moms who are looking to limit sugar in their (and their kids’) diets.” ● With 5 grams of sugar on average in KIND’s leading bars, they contain less than one quarter of the amount of sugar of competing nutrition bars and less than one fifth of the sugar in chocolate bars.
  • KIND is continuing to work tirelessly to make snacks that are both healthy and tasty – not one or the other – and have updated four flavors within their Fruit & Nut and Healthy Grains lines to contain between 17 and 36% less sugar compared to the prior recipes. Look out for these new & improved bars in retail locations in 2017!

● Many flavours of KIND contain dried fruit, meaning that some of the total sugars in a bar are naturally occurring while also providing nutrients such as fibre and iron.



What do you remember about your summers as a kid? My mom would take me to summer music festivals. I guess that’s why I love music so much and it explains why I do what I do!  Now, it’s time for me to start some family summer traditions! The Special Kayes and I go to our share of festivals but a couple of years ago I started taking my older Special Kaye to her first big concert. It was  Family Chanel’s Big Ticket Summer  Concert . We’ve seen Cody Simpson, Sabrina Carpenter. It’s a great first concert experience for kids. This year the 2 younger Special Kaye’s will get to experience their first big concert. We are excited to see Daya, the cast of The Next Step and Backstage! If you haven’t been to a Big Ticket Summer show here are some tips for you!

1. Bring headphones or ear plugs. As much as we love the artists, sometimes the screaming of other fans can get to the kids.  The orange earplugs avail at drugstores work fine. You just twist and put them in your ear canal. OR you can bring your kid’s actual headphones that they might wear in the car or an airplane. We recently upgraded! Don’t get me wrong the orange ear plugs work. However, you’re constantly twisting them up and putting them in your child’s ear and quite a few of them fall on the ground, so buy the 10 pack! Below is  what my eldest uses. You can get them at any big box store. Plus, if you want to get crafty you can bedazzle them! My other little ones will probably bring their own headphones or some of mommy’s DJ ones! They have to work up to those yellow ones!


2. Get there early. There are many opportunities to bump into your fave Family Chanel stars. One year we bumped into the cast from The Next Step. They weren’t on yet and wanted to come out and see the show from the auditorium.  Also, if you are a trooper and you come a couple hours before the show head to the Ex! Jump on a few rides and have a quick dinner at the food building! But that can make for a long day. You want your kids to enjoy the show. Don’t tire them out too much.

3. Bring an autograph book and 2-3 sharpies. The reason to bring extra sharpies is sometimes the celebrity is whisked away and they forget they have your marker! So bring extra and tuck them away in your purse. OH and if your kid is past the “autograph book” phase I’ve purchased a T- shirt from the venue and had the artists sign it!  It’s a great keepsake.

4. Pack rain gear, garbage bags, 1 umbrella, a blanket and a few snacks. The garbage bags work as rain gear and they keep your behind from getting cold from sitting on the ground or those metal stands.  As for snacks, the venue may be concerned that you’re sneaking in some granola bars (make sure they are nut free just to be safe) but you and I know sometimes the kids won’t eat the concession food. Then what?! Stuff them with your granola bars or you can try to give them that random mint at the bottom of your bag! If you have a re-useable  water container bring it in empty and fill it up at the venue. Gotta keep hydrated.

5. If this is your little one’s first concert you may have to leave early. That’s OK! We usually stay for a couple of the headliners songs and then sing all the way to the car. This year were going to stay til the end because my eldest now gets its! Whether she’s tired or not she wants that encore!

6. Parking is on site but there are cabs available or you could take the eco cabs on site.  They line up after the show!

7. Just have fun and sing along to the songs and dance! No one is judging you. We’re all there for the same reason to have a great night out with our kids!

If you haven’t got your tickets yet for The Big Ticket Summer you can get them here  We’ll see you at the show tomorrow!



Win a $50 Starbucks Gift Card!

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Granita_Youth Berry Granita

This is pretty exciting starting today at 3pm Starbucks is offering a special Sunset Menu! Ok so what the heck is a Sunset Menu?  They have five new handcrafts treats including Granitas above and Trifles. 

What is a Granitas?  It’s similar to Italian Shaved ice! It’s semi-frozen ice in a pool of espresso, tea or lemonade. Available in three flavours: Caramel Espresso, Strawberry Lemon Limeade and Youthberry® White Tea.

AND   who doesn’t like tiramisu?! Starbucks trifles are a lighter version  of tiramisu!  Available in two varieties: Chocolate Brownie and Strawberry Shortcake. Um, I’ll take both please!

Want to try them out?  Enter below to win a $50 dollar Starbucks Gift Card!  The winner will be picked on Friday morning. Just in time for you to enjoy your delicious treats with a friend on the weekend!  Good luck Enter daily and enter often!

Remember to always be awesome and do amazing  things today!

Team Taylor!


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We’re having a Pool Party!!!

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So my kids have been telling everyone at school we are having a pool party. I had one simple question for them. What’s the date we’re having it?

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